Which states are approved for REAL ID?

As of this point, almost every state is either compliant or has been granted extensions by the federal government. Only California remains as an outlier, with its residency verification policy not meeting federal standards.

Since the REAL ID program was enacted, California had only required residents show one form of ID to receive a license or card. That policy was deemed unacceptable, and California is currently sorting those issues out.

Right now, the states with REAL ID extensions are Maine, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, Montana, Oregon, and Alaska. In California, some IDs have already been issued under REAL ID compliance despite the federal audit. The government has promised to honor these IDs as valid for the time being.

To find out where your state stands on REAL ID, you can check out the Department of Homeland Security’s fake id website. This page will also show you where you can go to get a REAL ID of your own.

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